Analyzing Marketing ROI

June 26, 2017 | Jason Kay


Retreaver links digital data with call information allowing Marketers to bring phone calls bag into the marketing mix. Tracking ad clicks is easy but when your ad is driving a customer call, you need to also know which ads drove conversions.

Retreaver enables marketers to analyze call conversion tracking within email campaigns, to carry customer profiles from online accounts to the phone, and provides agents with priceless contextual information in real time.

This Retreaver Guidebook walks you through the tools and techniques enabled by Retreaver to analyze the marketing impact of your calls, and attribute every call outcome to activities and ads that drove the call in the first place.

Retreaver Guidebook – Analyzing Marketing ROI


Analyzing Marketing ROI is written for enterprise and brand marketers looking to doing serious analysis on their phone calls.


You only need a Retreaver account to work through this guidebook and start tracking calls from your marketing campaigns.

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Table of Contents

Before You Begin

  • Terminology
  • Concepts
  • Gathering Relevant Information

PART I: Getting Started With Basic Call Tracking

  • Step 1: Add Call Sources
  • Step 2: Add Call Handlers
  • Step 3: Create A Call Campaign
  • Step 4: Add Phone Number(s) To The Campaign
  • Step 5: Test Your Campaign
  • Reporting Campaign Results

PART II: Adding More Data To Tracked Calls

  • Step 1: Create Data Tags for Tracking
  • Step 2: Adding Data to Inbound Phone Calls
  • Step 3: Analyze Calls With Tags

PART III: Improving Marketing ROI

  • Technique 1: Measure & Adjust The Marketing Mix
  • Technique 2: Provide Call Handlers With More Information To Help Convert Calls
  • Technique 3: Prioritize Call Routing To Higher Yielding Handlers
  • Technique 4: Introduce Questions to Disqualify Leads
  • Technique 5: Add Automated Post-Call Re-marketing

Retreaver Guidebook – Analyzing Marketing ROI

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