Managing Data When Calls Start (Step 3/7)

September 18, 2018 | Jason Kay

The first real moment to use the data about the call, about your caller and from your customer databases is when the number is dialled by your caller. At this moment when the call starts, it is an event that can be tracked, and it is a great time to exchange data between your call and your contact databases. Use the data you capture to outline a personalized journey for the caller right through to the agent best-matched to their need at that time.

How to use the When a Call Starts section of the Caller Journey Worksheet

When any call starts, there is a trove of related data that can be made available for your caller journey:

It’s also a great time to update your other marketing and customer systems with information about the call and the caller that may benefit from information about a newly initiated inbound call. For example:

  • Lead tracking services: Send the “click”, identify the affiliate, source, offer, location of lead.
  • Analytics & reporting: Send the event “call dialed”, track the source, the city, segment.
  • Customer databases: Log the activity (“inbound phone call”) and contact details against the contact profile for known contacts, or create a new record for sales to follow up with.
  • Marketing automation: Enroll the contact in workflows or add them to lists.

All of these details are entered into the Caller Journey Worksheet under the section called When a Call Starts:

Add data to call from

Use this section to identify the sources and systems that contain the data you need for your caller journey, and note the data properties that need to be added to your call from each. Be sure to consider the data needed for agent matching, for reporting, and for automations you may trigger later in the journey.

Send call data to

Where does call information need to be sent? Who needs to have call context information and call data to do their job better?

Update these analytics

Identify the reporting and dashboard solutions that you need to update and identify the metrics that need to be aggregated in you your reports.

Data enables you to analyze and improve caller journeys and to calculate ROI. Remember to start using and capturing data in your caller journeys from the moment the call starts.

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