Account Maintenance

How do I delete Numbers in bulk?

If you click your balance in the top right and go to your Upcoming Charges page, you will be able to select numbers you wish to delete in bulk.

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How do Weight and Priority work?

Priority and Weight are how we force Buyers to take precedence over each other. Priority is how you set the order of who gets calls first, and Weight works within a Priority to make some Buyers receive more calls than others.


Priority is how we sort your calls to multiple Buyers. All of the Buyers in Priority 1 must be unavailable for a Buyer in Priority 2 to be considered for call. You may have many Buyers in the same priority. You may for example, have three Buyers in Priority 1, calls will still be distributed round robin until a weight is set.


Set an Overflow Number

You may want an overflow number where calls go when none of your top performers are available.


The red numbers represent Priority.

As you can see, my overflow number is set with Priority 2 that won’t be considered until the other three agents are unavailable.

Adding Top Performers Later

Have someone new who you want to be considered first? You don’t need to change everyone’s existing Priority, just make your star performer a Priority of -1. You can keep adding on afterwards as well, -2 will be considered before -1.


Within each priority, Retreaver will calculate the total weight of that priority. You may have many Priority 1 Buyers, but want to still make some receive more calls than others, or maybe put new Buyers on the back burner with a low weight.


The black numbers represent Weight.

All the Buyers within that priority have the weight added together to get the total weight.

In the above example, within Priority 1 there is a total weight of 9. Adam is the best performer so he will get 5 out of 9 calls, Anders will get 3 of the 9 and Blake will get 1 of the 9.

With weight, the higher a Buyer’s weight, the more calls they will get.

Note: Within a group of Buyers with the same Priority and Weight, calls will be distributed in a round-robin fashion.

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How do I upload my existing Publishers?

You can upload a CSV containing your Publishers through the Publisher screen. The file should be in the format “publisher id, first name, last name, company name, email”.

Only the Publisher ID is required, and it should match the affiliate ID you use in your external tracking system, if any.

If you include an email address, you must also include a first name, and we’ll automatically invite your Publishers to collaborate with you.

The names you enter don’t have to be real, just use whatever best describes them to you. Simply drag the CSV into the designated area on the Publisher screen, or click the Upload button.


The upload option on Publisher screen.


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How do I block callers?

UUIDSimply click the UUID or Caller ID you want to block from the Call Log screen, then click “Block Caller”

Block caller

The Block Caller button.

If the caller has not called in before, or you have a long list to upload, add it to the Suppression List. Simply enter the number and uncheck “Allow Resubscribe”.

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How do I port a number?

Porting numbers into Retreaver is free. Once ported to Retreaver, your phone numbers can be used to track calls.

To port a phone number to Retreaver, email the following information to

You must leave the numbers active at your existing provider until the port has completed and been verified by the Retreaver team. Don’t cancel your service immediately!

Numbers are, as always, exclusive to your account and are owned by you. We’ll add the numbers to your Retreaver account as soon as we get your port request. Once the numbers are in your account, you should configure them to ensure calls are routed correctly when the port comes through.

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Call Tracking

UK Toll-Free forwarded to US Toll-Free

If you are trying to send a UK caller ID to a US Toll Free, we have to obfuscate to the area code 881 or else the business rules of US Toll Free numbers won’t let the call through. You can either try to obtain a Local US, Local UK, or SIP to route calls to.

Alternatively, you can either send traffic to a different lander for UK or read for the URL for &country= and do if country=us {US Number} else {UK Number}.

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Which countries do you have numbers available?

We currently have local phone numbers available in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
  • Australia *
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium *
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria *
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic *
  • Denmark
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Estonia
  • Finland *
  • France
  • Germany *
  • Greece *
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Italy *
  • Japan
  • Latvia *
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg *
  • Malta
  • Mexico **
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania *
  • Slovakia *
  • South Africa
  • Spain *
  • Sweden *
  • Switzerland *

* Proof of physical address in country is required by authorities in the country. Contact us to provision numbers in the marked locations.

** You must be located outside and provide an address outside the phone number’s country.

We also have toll-free numbers available in the United States, they can also be called from Canada.

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How do I get a phone number to display on my landing page?

Find the Insert.js script after clicking Campaigns and selecting your campaign. At the bottom you will see the section for Dynamic Number Insertion.

Simply place the Insert.js snippet from your campaign page into the HTML body of your landing page where you want the phone number to appear.

The Insert.js number display script.

Make sure you have your URL parameter sniffing settings configured correctly so we know which number to display. Alternatively, you can pass tag keys and values in by appending arbitrary query string fields to the script URL.

You can conditionally track your calls by setting the default_number parameter to a phone number in E.164 format. If no matching number is available for the campaign, we’ll display the default number.

Need to display alerts, or just need something more robust? Click here for Retreaver.js



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How do I find or change my API key?

Finding your API Key

Once logged in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then click My Account. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Show button to reveal your API key. You can then select the key and copy it into your clipboard.

API key

API Access in your account page.

Resetting your API Key

In the lower right hand corner you will find the red Reset API Key button. This is useful if your website has been hacked or if your key has otherwise been compromised. After clicking the button to reset your key, there will be a confirmation dialog. After you accept, the new key will appear. The old key is immediately destroyed and you will need to update all your programs and services with the new key.

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How do I add a sub-affiliate ID to a number?

Static numbers can be tagged with any information you want them to be matched with. Go to your Numbers page and edit the desired number. To add a sub_id to a number, simply enter a new tag in the number’s tag field using the Wizard.wizard

Using the Wizard to add Tags to a Number.

For example sub_id:1234. The sub_id tag key is considered special by Retreaver and your SubID’s will appear on your number and call lists to help drill down on your data.

sub_id_tagsAttributing a Value of 1234 to a sub_id Key in the Tag Wizard.


Seeing the newly added Tag in the list for your Number.

Click Add then Done to have your new tag display on your number.


Tag created using the Wizard.

Save your changes and you’re done.

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How is the correct affiliate ID detected?

We require you to configure your Publisher/affiliate tracking software so that any parameters you want to track get passed to the landing page in the query string. Our number display script must be present on the landing page.

As an example, in LinkTrust you would add &afid=[=AFID=]&sid=[=SID=] to the end of the Landing Page URL in the campaign setup.

Param sniffing

Configuring how an affiliate ID and sub ID are detected.

If you want to detect the afid and sid parameters, and have them map to affiliate_id and sub_id in Retreaver, simply configure the URL parameter sniffing settings on your campaign as seen above.

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How do I configure my tracking URLs?

Once logged in, visit the Company screen and press the Edit link. If you use LinkTrustCake, or HasOffers, simply enter your tracking domain and click the corresponding button. Your tracking links will be automatically configured.

tracking url

Configuring a Default Tracking URL

Your tracking links can be augmented with tokens that are replaced when the link is fetched by our bot. These tokens are used to provide information about the caller and about how long the call lasted. Most affiliate tracking and lead management platforms allow you to pass custom information for future reference in a special field. Take advantage of our tokens to facilitate deeper tracking in your 3rd party systems.

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How do I customize the HTML?

You can fully customize the HTML that is inserted by our Insert.js number display script by including a URL-encoded message parameter.

Simply use replacement tokens [number] and [plain_number] where you want the formatted phone number and unformatted phone number digits inserted.

The Insert.js script configured to output our support phone number, with the number linked using the tel URI scheme.

Append the Insert.js script URL with the desired message, and we’ll format the number accordingly.

To make the Insert.js script output a linked, tap-to-call version of your phone number, simply set the message to %3Ca%20href%3D%22tel%3A1%5Bplain_number%5D%22%3E%5Bnumber%5D%3C%2Fa%3E, the equivalent of <a href="tel:1[plain_number]">[number]</a>. You can use this tool to URL-encode your message.

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Why is my Tracking URL returning status code 204?

Retreaver blocks a number of domains from being accessed by its bot. These domains are blocked for security reasons or because they are widely used as CDNs, and we don’t want to overwhelm them with traffic. We suggest using an alternate domain, or trying one of our built-in integrations to interact with popular services.

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What is call de-dupe and how does it work?

Call Deduplication or “De-Dupe” is a feature that prevents conversions and tracking URLs from being triggered multiple times because of the same caller calling back. When configuring tracking URLs or conversion groups on a Campaign, you can set a deduplication time frame. The campaign will then block repeat conversions or tracking URLs from being triggered for any particular caller within the time frame designated.

This is useful in situations where a customer has hung up the phone and redialed after being placed in a lengthy hold queue. You can dedupe calls for as little as one hour or for as long as a decade. Once the timer created by the first successful event expires the caller will be able to trigger another.

What is the difference between a duplicate call and a repeat call?

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General Questions

What are all the Call_Status values?

The following is a list of all possible values for call_status:

In Progress
established – The caller is in the IVR.
offer_resubscribe – The caller is blocked and is being offered the chance to unblock themselves.
forwarded – The call has been forwarded to a buyer.
initiated – The call has been initiated via our click-to-call API.

rejected – Retreaver rejected the call due to insufficient balance.
no-answer – No matching buyer answered the call.
no-target – No buyer could be matched to the tags on the call.
failed – There was an error in the Retreaver system in handling this call, and it has not been charged.
busy – The last buyer we attempted to call was busy, and there was no other buyer.
blocked – The caller was on the suppression list with no possibility to unblock themselves.
not-open – The call matched to a buyer but it was either outside of business hours for the buyer or capped.
canceled – The call was killed by Retreaver because it was a losing simuldial call from another Retreaver customer.

finished – The call ended successfully.

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What IP addresses do Retreaver’s requests come from?

All pixels/ webhooks fired by Retreaver will come from or

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How can I see what pixels are fired?

This can be viewed in two places:

1) In your Call Log if you scroll all the way to the right side, there is a column titled Pixels Fired.


Pixels Fired column in the Call Log.

2) In the Call Detail, which is when you click on the UUID of a call in your Call Log. Once you have clicked the UUID, you will see Fired Pixels down the page.

Fired Pixels

Fired Pixels in the Call Detail.

The small number of Fired Pixels in the images above is clickable. When you open it you will find an even more granular look at what took place.

Fired Pixels Detail

Granular look at Fired Pixels.

When the small pixel image is blue it is in New status. This just means our bot hasn’t processed it yet, then it will turn green.

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What is the difference between a Duplicate Call and a Repeat Call?

Duplicate Call

A call that goes to a Buyer in the same Conversion Group after it has previously converted during the De-dupe period set in the Conversion Group.

Repeat Call

A call coming in to the same promotional number. The Toggles on the Campaign for Repeat Caller Handling dictate how repeat calls are handled.

A call can be a repeat, but not a duplicate if it is going to a Buyer that is in a different Conversion Group.

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Collaborators can’t see calls?

Does your Collaborator see Number Pools?

This tells us they are not viewing the correct company.

If they see Number Pools in the left menu, we know right away what is wrong. The collaborator is viewing their own fully-functional Retreaver account, and not the company they want to collaborate with. To switch and view your calls with the company you’re collaborating with, simply click the arrow next to your name and select the desired company to view.

Switch Button




Click to show the drop down menu.

Switch to RTK

Selecting the company.

Do you not see Number Pools?

This tells us that the right company is selected, but Permissions are not given.

This indicates that you have not yet been approved for any Campaigns by the company who invited you.

Click here to learn how to configure Collaborator Campaign Permissions.

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Which countries do you allow for outgoing calls?

We allow North American and UK toll-free numbers and SIP addresses to be called at no additional cost. Long distance calls within the US-48 and Canada are permitted at 1¢/minute. International long distance call costs vary by destination. Contact for details.

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