Setting Goals for Caller Journeys (Step 1/7)

September 17, 2018 | Jason Kay

The first step in creating your Caller Journey is to define the goal. Like any business activity, try to make your goals SMART, and consider whether it is:

  • Specific: What does the caller journey need to accomplish? Why is it important?
  • Measurable: How will the specific result be quantified? How will you confirm that the journey is a success?
  • Achievable: Do you have access to all external data and tools you need to execute the journey and measure those results?
  • Relevant: Does it align with the goals of your Customer Experience (CX)? Who is the Caller Journey appropriate for?
  • Time-bound: What is the target date for having the Caller Journey accomplish the goal?

How to use the Goal section of the Caller Journey Worksheet

Enter the goal of your Caller Journey into the top of the worksheet.

Write out your goal and then apply the SMART test. If needed modify your goal until you’ve confirmed it satisfies each criteria.

Here are some examples of caller journey goals:

Example Marketing Goal:

Increase conversion rates 10% by end of quarter across my marketing efforts by reducing the time leads who call spend in my IVR, and by providing my agents with better information about callers so they can deliver a more personalized phone-in experience.

  • Specific: Increased conversion rates 10%
  • Measurable: phone calls placed from sources, conversion rates, time callers spend in my IVR, time callers spend connected with agents.
  • Achievable: Yes, I have Retreaver to track and route my calls with data from email campaigns, ads, landing pages, and my direct mailers.
  • Relevant: Yes, one of our customer experience goals is to improve effectiveness and personalize interactions with our brand.
  • Time-bound: by end of quarter.

Example Sales Goal:

Increase demos scheduled by leads who download white papers by 15% by increasing the number of follow up calls that occur within 5 minutes of content download by 30% over the first 100 downloads.

  • Specific: Increase demo scheduled by 15% and increasing the number of lead follow-ups within 5 minutes by 30%.
  • Measurable: demos scheduled (conversion), # of leads connected on the phone within 5 minutes.
  • Achievable: Yes, I have landing pages with content that requires name, email and phone number to access, I have Retreaver to initiate calls to my sales teams and then to the lead.
  • Relevant: Yes, one of our CX goals is to seamlessly integrate our online content with outbound sales channel. This aligns inbound activity with outbound action.
  • Time-bound: The first 100 downloads.

Example Service Goal:

Reduce the average time spent in my IVR by 20% for all callers known to me / in our CRM over the next 6 months.

  • Specific: Reduce IVR time by 20%.
  • Measurable: time in IVR.
  • Achievable: I have CRM data accessible via API and Retreaver to help me leverage it.
  • Relevant: Involves personalizing caller journeys for customers with past interactions, so that supports my CX plans.
  • Time-bound: Over the next 6 months.

Once you set your goal you’re ready to continue designing your new caller journey.

Next: Identifying the Call Sources to track

Retreaver is a call tagging, tracking and routing service that enables marketers to do more with customer data on phone calls to achieve the SMART goals they set out. To learn more visit or call us at 1-866-834-4880.