Designing Inbound Caller Journeys That Integrate with Digital Customer Experiences

September 17, 2018 | Jason Kay

Many marketers and agencies are familiar with how to create engaging, multi-channel, digital customer experiences. And as digital options for engaging with companies increase, the ability to share data across those channels becomes more critical to offering seamless, easy, frictionless and personalized experiences.

While the world of AI, live-chat, web pages, mobile apps, email and text messaging draw the investment focus of organizations – one channel still remains the most effective and engaging: the inbound phone call.

Source: Verint White Paper – The Digital Tipping Point

Inbound phone calls continue to be a necessary (and for some a new) channel for prospects and customers to communicate with their brands. “When interacting with a chatbot or an intelligent assistant, nearly 3 in 4 consumers want the ability to connect with a live agent.” (Source: Aspect Software – 2017 Customer Experience Index)

Most marketers ignore the human channel for communications in their digital experiences because they do not realize that phone calls provide as much data as any other online channel. Nor do they know how much information can be gathered from offline marketing efforts that deliver calls.

And when you haven’t before had to use call and customer data with inbound calls, it’s hard to know what needs to be considered in the design of complete and effective caller journeys.

It’s why we created the Caller Journey Worksheet as a tool for helping marketers, agencies and operations managers to design effective caller journeys that integrate with their overall customer experiences.

Download the PDF here.

The Caller Journey Worksheet provides a framework for identifying the data, the participants, and the system interactions that should be considered at each stage of your caller’s journey from Call Start to Call Outcome and beyond.

How to use the Caller Journey Worksheet

The Caller Journey Worksheet is a tool for gathering information prior to implementing new caller journeys with your inbound call tracking software.

Generally start working through the worksheet from top to bottom, trying not to limit yourself to the size of the boxes presented – it’s just a framework after all. As you complete later sections, if filling them out triggers new ideas for earlier sections, go back to those sections. This is okay and expected.

The objective of the Caller Journey Worksheet is to provide you with a roadmap for implementing effective Caller Journeys that seamlessly integrate with your overall Customer Experiences.  

Let’s get started with the first step:

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