How do I get a phone number to display on my landing page?

Find the Insert.js script after clicking Campaigns and selecting your campaign. At the bottom you will see the section for Dynamic Number Insertion.

Simply place the Insert.js snippet from your campaign page into the HTML body of your landing page where you want the phone number to appear.

The Insert.js number display script.

Make sure you have your URL parameter sniffing settings configured correctly so we know which number to display. Alternatively, you can pass tag keys and values in by appending arbitrary query string fields to the script URL.

You can conditionally track your calls by setting the default_number parameter to a phone number in E.164 format. If no matching number is available for the campaign, we’ll display the default number.

Need to display alerts, or just need something more robust? Click here for Retreaver.js



Jason Kay

Jason Kay is the CEO and Founder of Retreaver.