How do I customize the HTML?

You can fully customize the HTML that is inserted by our Insert.js number display script by including a URL-encoded message parameter.

Simply use replacement tokens [number] and [plain_number] where you want the formatted phone number and unformatted phone number digits inserted.

The Insert.js script configured to output our support phone number, with the number linked using the tel URI scheme.

Append the Insert.js script URL with the desired message, and we’ll format the number accordingly.

To make the Insert.js script output a linked, tap-to-call version of your phone number, simply set the message to %3Ca%20href%3D%22tel%3A1%5Bplain_number%5D%22%3E%5Bnumber%5D%3C%2Fa%3E, the equivalent of <a href="tel:1[plain_number]">[number]</a>. You can use this tool to URL-encode your message.

Jason Kay

Jason Kay is the CEO and Founder of Retreaver.