How do I add a sub-affiliate ID to a number?

Static numbers can be tagged with any information you want them to be matched with. Go to your Numbers page and edit the desired number. To add a sub_id to a number, simply enter a new tag in the number’s tag field using the Wizard.wizard

Using the Wizard to add Tags to a Number.

For example sub_id:1234. The sub_id tag key is considered special by Retreaver and your SubID’s will appear on your number and call lists to help drill down on your data.

sub_id_tagsAttributing a Value of 1234 to a sub_id Key in the Tag Wizard.


Seeing the newly added Tag in the list for your Number.

Click Add then Done to have your new tag display on your number.


Tag created using the Wizard.

Save your changes and you’re done.

Jason Kay

Jason Kay is the CEO and Founder of Retreaver.