How can I see what pixels are fired?

This can be viewed in two places:

1) In your Call Log if you scroll all the way to the right side, there is a column titled Pixels Fired.


Pixels Fired column in the Call Log.

2) In the Call Detail, which is when you click on the UUID of a call in your Call Log. Once you have clicked the UUID, you will see Fired Pixels down the page.

Fired Pixels

Fired Pixels in the Call Detail.

The small number of Fired Pixels in the images above is clickable. When you open it you will find an even more granular look at what took place.

Fired Pixels Detail

Granular look at Fired Pixels.

When the small pixel image is blue it is in New status. This just means our bot hasn’t processed it yet, then it will turn green.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer