Collaborators can’t see calls?

Does your Collaborator see Number Pools?

This tells us they are not viewing the correct company.

If they see Number Pools in the left menu, we know right away what is wrong. The collaborator is viewing their own fully-functional Retreaver account, and not the company they want to collaborate with. To switch and view your calls with the company you’re collaborating with, simply click the arrow next to your name and select the desired company to view.

Switch Button




Click to show the drop down menu.

Switch to RTK

Selecting the company.

Do you not see Number Pools?

This tells us that the right company is selected, but Permissions are not given.

This indicates that you have not yet been approved for any Campaigns by the company who invited you.

Click here to learn how to configure Collaborator Campaign Permissions.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer