What are all the Call_Status values?

The following is a list of all possible values for call_status:

In Progress
established – The caller is in the IVR.
offer_resubscribe – The caller is blocked and is being offered the chance to unblock themselves.
forwarded – The call has been forwarded to a buyer.
initiated – The call has been initiated via our click-to-call API.

rejected – Retreaver rejected the call due to insufficient balance.
no-answer – No matching buyer answered the call.
no-target – No buyer could be matched to the tags on the call.
failed – There was an error in the Retreaver system in handling this call, and it has not been charged.
busy – The last buyer we attempted to call was busy, and there was no other buyer.
blocked – The caller was on the suppression list with no possibility to unblock themselves.
not-open – The call matched to a buyer but it was either outside of business hours for the buyer or capped.
canceled – The call was killed by Retreaver because it was a losing simuldial call from another Retreaver customer.

finished – The call ended successfully.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer