How to Track Online and Offline Campaigns Effectively

May 25, 2018 | Jason Kay

Want to know a secret?  

Marketing sometimes feels like the blind leading the blind.

It might be a strange thing to say in today’s uber-connected, metric-obsessed electronic age, but there are still areas where marketing has a hard time getting insight. I’m referring to offline mediums like print, broadcast, and the telephone. These channels aren’t naturally integrated into the digital sphere. So marketers have to work harder and develop more innovative solutions to know whether a campaign succeeded or failed.

One such solution is called call tracking.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking solutions allow businesses to attribute calls to different traffic sources. One way to do this is by generating a series of unique phone numbers that can be assigned to a specific marketing asset. Example: direct mail, newsletter or online ad. 

Advanced call tracking solutions can leverage more detailed call data in the forms of tags, which allow companies to associate unlimited amounts of data to specific calls and callers.

But what can you actually do with all of this data?

Identify omnichannel customers

Customer don’t behave like they used to. They don’t follow the old, straight-line journey from the top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel. They bounce around from stage to stage and from offline to online and back again, makiing them difficult to track.

However, call tracking alleviates that by capturing the identity of a caller and tying them to their records in your CRM (or creating a new entry if they’re not there already). You can identify prospects as they jump from channel to channel. Without call tracking? You never would’ve known that the same person who opened your email a month back called today to order your product from an agent.

Track customer journey

Now that you know who they are, you’re better equipped to track their journey. You’ve already got all digital interactions like email, website visits, and downloads covered through other specialized tracking tools. That leaves one blind spot left—the phones.

Call tracking ensures that you’ve got as many major touchpoints covered as possible. You can’t afford to miss any interaction with the customer, especially now that the stakes in marketing are so high.

Deliver immediate insights

Call tracking technology automatically updates you with who is calling, why they are calling, and who they speak with when the call connects. This is critical for marketers to be able to respond in a timely manner to any shifts in the market, changes in customer mood, or problems with your campaign.

This only happens if the call tracking solution you’re using is integrated with your CRM, and if you have the right marketing analytics processes in place.

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