Split Conversions

June 28, 2017 | Jason Kay


Retreaver Split Conversions allow performance marketers using Retreaver to track Revenues and Payouts at the Buyer and Publisher levels across all campaigns, and ‘split’ the conversions across services, products, geographies or any other data point you need to detail your conversion along.

This Retreaver Guidebook walks you through the steps to turn Split Conversions in your Retreaver account, and to configure the conversion information on each of your buyers and publishers for use across all your campaigns.

Retreaver Guidebook – Split Conversions


Split Conversions is written for performance and affiliate marketers looking for an easy way to track customer revenues globally at the buyer/advertiser level and payout costs at the publisher level.


You need a Retreaver account to work through this guidebook and start tracking calls from your marketing campaigns.
We also recommend you enable Retreaver Perform from within your account.

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Table of Contents

Before You Begin

  • Terminology
  • Concepts
  • Gathering Relevant Information

PART I: Adding Split Conversions To Your Account

PART II: Configuring Split Conversions

  • Step 1: Add Conversion Criteria To Your Publishers
  • Step 2: Add Conversion Criteria For Buyers
  • Step 3: Update Default Campaign Conversion Criteria
  • Step 4: Test The Conversions With Calls

PART III: Viewing Conversion Reports

  • Collaborator Reporting of Conversions
  • Conversions & Tracking URLS

Retreaver Guidebook – Split Conversions

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