The magic of extensions and what they can do for your business

August 17, 2016 | Jason Kay

You send out 20,000,000 emails per month. Or, you run hundreds of campaigns with thousands of click-to-call results every month. You want to tag the clicks, track the calls, and route the experience many different ways. You want information on what campaign the call came from, where the user is located, and a series of other data points. You’d also like to AB test your messaging or your offers. How do you do this without needing to acquire millions of different phone numbers?

Ever since the invention of the telephone in 1878, businesses have been communicating with the power of voice. Since 1882, companies have been using internal private switches, now commonly known as a PBX to route calls. In the old days, in order to track or route calls, switchboard operators would connect wires from the source (caller) to the destination (the call recipient).

Today: Extensions

Much like switchboard operators connected callers with their respective parties, Retreaver has Extensions. Extensions is a much requested feature because of the power they can harness into one phone number by bridging the PBX technology of the old with the force of the Internet.

What can you do with extensions?

One of Retreaver’s main capabilities is being able to tell a company exactly who is calling, why, where they came from, what they clicked through, what they were looking at right before they called, and a host of other data. With extensions, you can save on the costs of dynamically issuing millions of phone numbers (a unique number to each unique user), by simply using an extension on the end of your one phone number – or a few, depending on what you’re doing and how many variables you’re looking to track.

You can:

– Run offers with an IVR prompt to enter the “special code” once a customer has called in, thus tallying how many respondents that offer gets.

For example, a cruise line AB testing a free beverages plan versus a free balcony room upgrade can tell some people to enter “freedrinks” when they call in, while others would be given “freebalcony”. These are, in effect, extensions. 

– Have a landing page or website with hundreds of different use cases for tracking and routing, all while using relatively few numbers.

For example, run a content with thousands of entrants by phone using extensions to key in required data or IVR prompts prior to speaking with an agent. 

 Get granular with unique ad-click data to find out the most you can about the success and variables of each ad campaign.

For example, run a few paid ad campaigns with a click-to-call call to action for a series of car washes. You can track the unique ad-click data through embedding extensions into call-to-click buttons on the ads to avoid provisioning huge number pools. 

Extensions can be used to provide cost effective, accurate attribution, provide personalized customer experiences or promotional codes. Assign extensions to individual support agents, sales reps or to VIP customers. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Contact Retreaver today and start using extensions in your business.