Filter Calls by Zip Code

Getting Started

Calls are automatically tagged with geo tags picked up from the caller ID, which can be added to your buyers to filter your calls. The geo tags that were picked up from the caller ID resolve information such as country, state and city.

However, if you require more granular filtering to be done with Zip codes, you will need to complete these two steps:

1) Add an IVR prompt for Zip codes in your Campaign settings under Prompts.


2) Add Tags to your buyer to filter what Zip codes they are able to take.

1) Creating Zip Code Entry Prompts

Zip code Entry

This prompt will play immediately when the call connects.

Zip entry

Creating a zip code entry prompt.

Zip Entry Failed

This plays when the caller does not enter a valid Zip code.

You will want this message to repeat a couple times.

zip failed

Creating a zip entry failed prompt.

Filtering Calls to the Buyer Using Tags

Tags on a buyer control what calls it can take.

More info on filtering calls to your buyers.

Edit the buyer, and add the appropriate geo tags to ensure that the buyer only receives calls from the designated geographical areas.

To add the tags, click on Wizard>Geo>Zip. From here you can enter zip codes individually or ideally, upload a file. This will tell Retreaver that these are the Zip codes this buyer can take, do not send this buyer calls from other Zip codes. It is worth noting that this Upload option will not accept Excel files, only CSV (comma separated values)

Tag Format

Geo tags are in the formatgeo:[ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code](-optional state, province or zip). For instance, the tag for California is geo:us-ca while the tag for Canada is geo:ca. For a Zip code 90210, the tag would be geo:us-90210.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer