Buyer Permissions

Before getting started with learning how Buyer Permissions functions, it is recommended to know a little about how Retreaver’s Collaborators functions:

Getting started with Collaborators.

Permissions for buyers has a locking mechanic. You can lock the permissions to the entire company or to a specific collaborator or if the buyer is unlocked, the system will just use the permissions specified there. Most importantly, this feature allows you to give all or certain buyers the ability to edit their buyer record in your Retreaver account, making it so urgent late-night changes can be made without the account holder or superusers present, allowing granular customized control over all your buyers.

Default Buyer Permissions

Company-wide default settings can be configured for all collaborating buyers to inherit, even as you add new ones. Simply go to Settings and Company, then Edit. Otherwise, you can just click this link. You can choose what you do and do not want collaborating buyers to be able to see and modify by default. All collaborating buyers have these permissions until specified otherwise via editing Collaborator or buyer permissions explained further along.


The many default role permissions available for all collaborators managing buyers- unless otherwise overridden via the steps below.

Default Collaborator Buyer Permissions

You may also edit permissions for a collaborator in the event that they manage multiple buyers. By selecting Settings on the left menu, followed by Users and Collaborators, you can then select Permissions to edit what that individual has capabilities to do when managing buyers for your company.


How to edit Permissions for a specific collaborator.

On the following screen pictured below, you may customize this individual’s permissions within your company. Once you click the padlock icon, this unlocks the settings for this specific collaborator, overriding what you have set for default in the company screen described above.


Unlocking permissions and customize them per collaborator, or for Buyer-specific overrides by editing the collaborator.

Individual Collaborator Buyer Permissions

Lastly, you can override everything you’ve configured in the company defaults or the collaborator record above by selecting Buyers in the left menu then simply click the number for the Buyer. The following screen pictured below has the Permissions tab where you can customize the override permissions for any collaborator managing this Buyer.


Unlocking the Permissions at the Buyer level, overriding all that is set in company or in the collaborator records.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer