How a Call gets Tagged

For the basics on how Retreaver’s Tags function, take a look at this article:

Introduction to Tag Types and Operators

All our reporting is simply based off what Tags are in the call_uuid for each individual call. This article will go over the five ways to get the call tagged with data:

1) Attached to static Numbers.

Pull a static number and add a Tag using the Tag Wizard. You could have a Tag like sub_id or custom Tags you’ve already created such as traffic_type:==online_listings. This is also where you would add a Buyer Tag to identify the Buyer(s) you want to force the call to.


New Number tagged with traffic_type and forcing calls to buyer_id:==16140.

2) At the landing page using our Script.

In this situation you define a Number Pool or an Extensions Pool. Based on what you tell us to sniff out of the URL and what Tags to put them in, we will either reuse a number if we find one in the pool that already has those Tags or we recycle a number if it has been returned to the pool. If you were only tracking affiliate_id and sub_id all viewers of the page would all see the same number.

Lastly, we create a new number on the fly to the max size of the pool. If you have defined your pool in such a way that it is too small for us to get a new number, then the default number is shown to the consumer.  This default number is usually another number in Retreaver that will not be able to track, but at least you won’t lose the call.

3) From Tags that prompt the caller to input an answer.

If the number has already been tagged with it, our system will skip asking those prompts since we already have the answer.

4) Outbound dial to the consumer from our system.

You only need one number per campaign for outbound dials, as you are Tagging the outbound call with the values you want on the call. In this situation only one number per campaign is needed, because you send the Tags on the outbound call to the consumer in the script that initiates the call, any values you send will be appended to the Tags already in the number or overwrite those Tags if they are the same.

5) Via Postback from a 3rd party tracking system.

You can send information to a 3rd part tracking system with the call_uuid and a call key. We can post to a data append company or even to your system with a caller id, the call uuid, and the call key, and they can send all kinds of information back to the call as it is happening or after the call is complete. Such as name, address, credit rating, or whatever you need.

Here is an example of a call in Retreaver that is being Tagged with the following values from all five ways a call can be attributed:


How Tags from many sources attribute the call with information.


How to filter calls to Buyers based on Tags

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer