Redirecting Calls to Another Campaign

Sometimes Campaigns receive calls for which there is no Buyer available, either because the call has incompatible Tags, or because all the Buyers on the Campaign are closed or capped or otherwise unavailable to receive calls. Retreaver makes it easy to route calls to a different Campaign in situations like this.

However, you may be able to just add an overflow Buyer. If so, you can set that Buyer to a priority of 99 in order to be considered last. Check out our support page on Priority and Weight for more information.

Diverting Calls with No Matching Buyers


Adding a “no buyers match” Routing Setting to a Campaign.

Perhaps all your Buyers are tagged with mortgage:refinance, and you have a separate Campaign that you use only for purchase leads that uses Buyers tagged mortgage:purchase. In this case, edit the Campaign, adding a “When no buyers match” routing setting. Select “redirect to campaign” as the action and add your purchase campaign to the field.

Using this feature you can route calls to multiple campaigns depending on the Tags present on the call. If you also have a campaign with Buyersthat are tagged mortgage:va, you can also add it in the field and only calls thus tagged will be routed to it.

Re-routing calls based on any other action

You can use the “redirect to campaign” routing action for any of the other available routing scenarios. Calls will only be routed to a campaign that has open Buyers that match the call’s tags, so feel free to include multiple campaigns if necessary.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer