Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation


Changing the CallerID Obfuscation settings on a Buyer.

We’ve allowed our users to use a static Retreaver number as the outbound CallerID to their buyers for a long time now. This prevents dishonest call centers from sitting in a ring pool and silently stealing CallerIDs to call back. This works great, but many times call centers want to be able to track dupes and tie callers to previous calls on their own!

For this, we’ve invented something we’re calling Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation. It’s kind of like an anti-theft lock for your phone leads.

When Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation is enabled, we’ll send your call centers a unique CallerID based on the caller’s number. The area code and first few digits of the phone number will be the same so location data is preserved, but we’ll randomize the rest. Callbacks from the same caller will have the same CallerID at your call center.

If your buyers are collaborating with you, we’ll reveal the real number in the call log and reporting, but only if the call converts!

You must have the permission and co-operation of your Buyer to use Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation.

You can enable CallerID Obfuscation by editing your Buyer and changing the settings as seen above. To enable Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation, just select “Dynamic” and save your Buyer. Your Buyer must agree to this ahead of time, so be sure to communicate your plans with them.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer