Adding Buyers to an Existing Campaign

Step 1: Create a new Buyer

Select Buyers and then Call Buyers in the menu on the left. Now click on New Call Buyer.


Creating a New Call Buyer.

Don’t forget to configure correct time zone and hours of operation as well as concurrency caps for how many representatives are available.

Step 2: Edit the Campaign

Go to Campaigns and click the Campaign/CID. Then click Edit.


Editing your Campaign.

Step 3: Add the Buyer to the Campaign Routing Settings

Scroll down to Routing Settings. Position the cursor at the end of the list of existing Buyers in the blank area shown below, after you click you may begin typing the name or phone number of the Buyer you want to select.

Routing Settings New Target

When a call comes in and the corresponding action occurs. If there is a greeting in Prompts, then we will prompt the caller to press 1. If there is no greeting in Prompts then the call will be routed straight through without prompting to press 1. We will then attempt to route the call to one of the Buyers. We take into consideration tags on the incoming call as well as the Buyer’s weight, priority, caps, and business hours.

Step 4: Add the Buyer to the Campaign Conversion Criteria

This is where you’ll enter what is on your insertion order if you have one. If no custom conversion group is created, the Default Conversion Group is used.Conversion Settings

  1. Scroll down for Conversion Criteria. 
  2. Click on the green plus sign button to the right.
  3. Name the conversion group for reporting purposes.
  4. Set correct de-dupe time frame.
  5. Click Wizard to enter our Tag Wizard. From here select Buyers, then under Value select the desired Buyer from the drop-down menu, or just start typing their name if you have many to choose from.

You may need to do this multiple times if you have a Buyer that has been split into many Buyers.


Selecting a Buyer in the Tag Wizard.

6. Add in applicable timer, revenue and payout.Update

7. Save your changes by clicking on Update Campaign in the bottom right.

How Conversions Work

When the call ends, we evaluate each conversion group in sequence, checking to see whether the Tags match the call. If the call was routed to the Buyer and the conversion group is the first one to match, the conversion group will be used for this call. We then evaluate the conversion criteria, and if the call has converted, we set the appropriate revenue and payout.

Next Steps

Configure Repeat Caller Handling, Call Recording and more!

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer