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Creating a new Number Pool using Extensions
Creating a new Number Pool using Extensions.

Ever since the invention of the telephone in 1878, businesses have been communicating with the power of voice. Since 1882, companies have been using internal private switches, now commonly known as a PBX to route calls.

In the old days, in order to route calls, switchboard operators would connect wires from the source (caller) to the destination (the call recipient).

Much like switchboard operators connected callers with their respective parties, today Retreaver announces Extensions. Extensions, is a much requested feature: connecting visitors to a website with someone who knows exactly who they are and why they’re calling through 1 phone number: by bridging the PBX technology of old with the internet.

Now Retreaver can follow all your customers on their journey interacting with your company, and tell you everything they have done, and everything they need, with only one phone number for your entire organization. Extensions can be used to provide cost effective, accurate attribution, provide personalized customer experiences or promotional codes. Assign extensions to individual support agents, sales reps or to VIP customers. The applications are only limited by your imagination. Contact Retreaver today and start using Extensions in your business.

Configuring your Extension Pool

Jason Kay

Jason Kay is the CEO and Founder of Retreaver.