Creating and using an Extension Number Pool

Creating a new Number Pool using Extensions.
Creating a new number pool using extensions.

Extensions allow you to create virtual phone numbers that work just like other phone numbers in Retreaver. Extensions are useful because they allow you to track many different visitors without paying the monthly costs associated with having thousands of phone numbers.

The easiest way to start using extensions is to create a number pool that creates extensions automatically based on the various attributes passed in via your landing page.

You can make entering the extension more user friendly from a marketing perspective by re-framing the number as an “offer number” for say a travel vertical, or a “computer number” in the tech support vertical.

Creating a number pool using extensions

To create a number pool that uses extensions, browse to the create new number pool page, and click the “Extensions” option as seen above.

We suggest setting an extension length of 4, since this allows for up to 9000 extensions, and keeps the length of the extension the user has to enter reasonable. Note that if you do plan on having that many extensions, or more, you’ll need to contact your account executive as currently extension pools are limited to 2000 like normal number pools.

You can always increase the extension length, but it cannot be decreased, so start small.

Setting the base number

Setting the base number.
Setting the base number on an extension number pool.

Each extension pool requires a base number set, which all extensions are based on. You can create a new base number associated with a campaign, or choose an existing one.

Displaying numbers with extensions on your website

Using our Retreaver.js JavaScript library you can easily display extensions on your website, and even make the links clickable for users on mobile devices.

In the above example, we request a number from Retreaver, and then pop the number with the extension into a mobile-ready link.

There’s no need to use the standard +18005550123 x 3444 format, you can phrase it any way you want. You’ll probably see higher conversion rates if you call it an exclusive offer ID or something else that’s relevant to your business.

We’ve linked the number in format tel:+18005550123,,5000 where 5000 is the extension. This causes iOS devices to automatically enter the extension, routing your caller automatically like with any normal phone number!

Bypassing Extensions

This can only be done on mobile, you can hyperlink the number as:  <a href=“[plain_number],,[extension]”>Call [number] using Promo ID: [extension]</a>

Jason Kay

Jason Kay is the CEO and Founder of Retreaver.