Viewing External Activities in Oracle Eloqua

Retreaver automatically attempts to map calls to Eloqua contacts. This is most accurately and consistently accomplished when our Marketing AppCloud component is configured to track at a Contact Level Tracking Resolution.

When we’re able to map a call to an Eloqua contact, we add External Activities for different phone-based events. These events include a contact calling in, a call being connected to a Contact Handler, a call converting, and a call ending.

Customizing conversion criteria

The call conversion event is perhaps the most relevant event for marketers. Using this event you can accurately gauge consumer engagement, measure revenue, and track sales back to the responsible campaign and landing page.

You can create many different types of conversions in Retreaver and track them separately in Eloqua.

Customizing conversion settings in Retreaver

To track conversion events, you’ll need to define new conversion criteria on your campaign in Retreaver. Navigate to your campaign, and click the Add button in the Conversion Criteria section to add a conversion group.

Name the conversion group according to whatever naming conventions you use elsewhere in Eloqua.

How Conversion Matching Works

When a call ends we evaluate your conversion groups in order, looking for the first conversion group whose tags match those on the call. The first conversion group that matches the call is used, regardless of whether the call meets the conversion criteria defined in the group.

We then evaluate if the call “converted” according to the conversion criteria. For a conversion group that is timer based, we use the highest timer that the call met or exceeded.

For postback based conversion groups, we wait until we receive a postback from your call center. If no postback is received we mark the call as not converted.

Tag the conversion group in such a way as to ensure that it only matches calls you want it to match. In the screenshot above, we’ve tagged the group with dialed_call_duration:>=600. This will ensure that only calls which were over 10 minutes long, and thereby meet the 600 second conversion criteria will match the group. Other calls will fall through to the default conversion criteria, with a timer of 60 seconds, below.

A common usage of this feature is to set different conversion criteria depending on the Contact Handler a call is routed to. Simply use our Tag Wizard to add a system_handler_id tag for your Handler. Only calls that have been routed to the Handler will match the conversion group, as calls are automatically tagged with the System Handler ID of the Handler they are routed to.

Viewing call activities on an Eloqua contact

Our live Eloqua landing page with call tracking configured.
Our live Eloqua landing page with call tracking configured.

Above is our “True Omnichannel Tracking in Eloqua” promotional landing page. I’ve placed a call to the number shown on the page to demonstrate what happens when a call converts.

The Retreaver call log view

The phone call I just placed, viewed in Retreaver.
The phone call I just placed, viewed in Retreaver.

After the call, navigating to the call from the call log, I can see the different tags that have been added to the call. I can also see that the call matched our “Default Conversion Settings” conversion group and converted according to the conversion criteria.

Viewing call activities in Eloqua

External Activities on the contact that called in.
External Activities on the contact that called in.

Navigating to my Eloqua contact, I can see the additions to the Recent Activity log. The log shows that a phone call has been made and that the call converted according to the Default Conversion Settings.

Conversion External Activities are named after your conversion group, with the word “conversion” appended.

When a call converts, Retreaver creates an external activity that is named after your conversion group, with the word “conversion” appended.

The contact's complete activity log.
The contact’s complete activity log.

From the Activity Log tab, all the activities related to the contact can be seen.

Viewing Reports on Call Activities in Eloqua Insight

While viewing activities on individual contacts may be useful for support purposes, marketers and executives alike want a higher level overview of actions contacts are taking.

Running reports in Insight

Step 1: Search

Searching for External Activity reports in Insight.
Searching for External Activity reports in Insight.

From the Insight interface, search for “external” in the search field in the upper right hand corner.

Step 2: Run

Running a report.
Running a report.

Select the time span you want to filter by, and then click run.

Step 3: Done

The External Activity Analysis report.
The External Activity Analysis report.

Your report is ready.

External Activities in Insight Analyzer

Selecting only conversion activities with a filter in Analyzer.

With Analyzer, you can use External Activities to create custom filters and reports. Analyzer makes it easy to generate reports for a subset of your activities, for instance, drilling down on calls that converted.

In the screenshot above, a filter has been created to select conversion activities only.

Segmenting Contacts based on Call Activities

Creating a segment for contacts who called in but didn't reach a Contact Handler.
Creating a segment for contacts who called in but didn’t reach a Contact Handler.

The call based external activities that Retreaver creates can be used to easily segment contacts who have previously converted, or perhaps who have received inadequate service.

In the above screenshot, the first filter selects all contacts who have called our campaign in the last 7 days. Then the second filter excludes all contacts whose call was connected to a Contact Handler. This segment could then be targeted for support outreach to improve customer service.

Next steps

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