Grouping Buyers

Many Retreaver customers manage a large amount of geographically dispersed Buyers. We’ve made it easy to manage these by adding them to groups. Simply select the Buyers you want to group and click “Add to Group”.


Adding an existing Buyer to a Group.

Adding a Buyer Group to a Campaign.

Use Buyer Groups any time you have multiple Buyers to add to a Campaign. Grouped Buyers are treated exactly the same as normal Buyers for call routing purposes. If a routing option has a Buyer Group that includes 3 priority 1 Buyers, and 1 ungrouped priority 1 Buyer, the ungrouped target will receive a call 25% of the time. Just like if the Buyers were ungrouped.

Shared Caps

Adding caps to a Buyer Group.

Buyer Groups have their own daily, monthly, and hard caps.
Calls contributing to a cap on a target will also contribute to caps on the Buyer Groups that the Buyer belongs to. Set a cap on the Buyer Group, and once the cap is reached, no Buyers in the group will receive calls.

Split Business Hours

Easily handle situations where a Buyer has staggered business hours. Simply create multiple Buyers, one for each time shift, and add them to a group. The cap should be set on the group, with the caps on the Buyers being left as infinite.

Once a cap is reached on the Buyer Group, they will be blocked from receiving additional calls, no matter which shift they’re on. You can combine caps on individuals with caps on the group to, for example, ensure a morning shift only gets a set number of calls each day.

Angela Dougherty

Client Success Officer