Retreaver Results

For most lead generators, inbound sales calls are distributed to buyers on a 1-to-1 basis. Each caller is routed to a single buyer. But what if you could allow consumers to call all your buyers?

Introducing Retreaver Results

Retreaver Results is a new API that facilitates the display of individual trackable phone numbers for each Buyer on a campaign. The new Results functionality allows consumers to comparison shop, delivering fully qualified leads to multiple buyers.

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Retreaver Results follows all your existing business logic on Buyers, like business hours, caps, and tag filters. Ask your visitors for their zip code, and pass that information along to the results.js script to filter Buyers by geo. Any tags that can be used in the Retreaver system can be passed to Retreaver Results to determine the Buyers you want displayed.

Once the visitor dials in, they’ll be routed directly to the Buyers they chose, without any unnecessary IVR prompts.

Getting started

The results.js code. The show_key is specific to your campaign, retrieve it form your campaign page.

Simply add the results.js code to your thank you page, and append any tags you want to pass in via the query string. Above, we pass in the consumer’s zip code as 90210 so we only show Buyers that can take calls from their area.

For each Buyer you want to display, create a <div> element with ID matching cp-target-3410 where 3410 is the Retreaver system Buyer ID. You should wrap all the Buyer divs in a single parent div element. We’ll dynamically hide and re-arrange the cp-target divs depending on which Buyers can receive a call from the consumer, and with respect to your priority and weight settings.

If you’re using Buyer groups and you only want to show one entry per group, you can add a <div> element with ID matching cp-target-group-501 where 501 is the Buyer group ID. When a visitor calls the displayed number, they’ll be routed as normal to one of your grouped Buyers. This is useful when you have multiple Buyers for the same company, each with different hours of operation.

Like with our number display script, use replacement tokens [number] and [plain_number] within each cp-target div to insert the formatted phone number and unformatted phone digits of the trackable number.

We’ll only display the buyers that match your visitor, and that are open and able to receive a phone call.

You can put any content you want in the Buyer/target divs, like a logo, the name of the buyer, and a description. We’ll only display the Buyers that match and are open and able to receive a phone call. Set the divs as hidden by default to make sure they don’t “flash” while the display script is executing.

If you’re passing in arbitrary tags like zip-code tags, you’ll need to have a number pool configured for the campaign so that we can dynamically assign phone numbers for the visitor to call.

No matching Buyers

When there’s no Buyer that can serve the visitor, we enable the display of div with ID cp-targets-none. This div will be hidden if there are Buyers displayed.

jQuery integration

When we’re done processing the results and Buyers have been displayed, we fire event cp-results-processed on $(document).

Demo App
Our demonstration implementation, a lead-gen form for auto insurance.

View our demo app at This app features the option of choosing between click-to-call or Retreaver Results.

The code for this site is open source. Take it and use it in your own project.

Consumers enter their zip code and the results are automatically limited to the given geo. All calls are automatically tagged with whether or not the visitor already has insurance, and this information is passed to the Buyer via a whisper prompt.

The code for this site is freely available as a Ruby on Rails app, which can be easily adapted to suit your needs. Please fork the project and send us a pull request with your improvements. We’re looking forward to seeing your Results!

Jason Kay

Jason Kay is the CEO and Founder of Retreaver.